And the winner is....

While running a competition or trade promotion can be a great way to boost sales, there are many rules and regulations to keep in mind.

Thinking of running a competition which involves giving-away prizes? Will it be a game of skill or a game of chance? Believe it or not, running a competition, particularly in the age of social media can be a complex legal minefield. This is particularly so given that the laws in each state or territory can be quite different!

We understand that promotions and competitions continue to be an increasingly popular way of boosting your brand and engaging your target market. This is even moreso today in the context of  social media with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter competitions  being are the newest way to keep customers engaged.

Many businesses do not realise that these sorts of promotions are regulated by strict trade promotion lotteries laws, as well as the specific rules of each particular social media platform.

Our team has the expertise to help you with any promotion you intend to run as well as assist with any terms and conditions you might need for your promotion. We can also prepare any necessary permit applications and liaise with the relevant state gaming authority on your behalf. More particularly, our expertise include:

  • Advising on the full range of options to help you get your trade promotion right and “legally compliant”;
  • Guiding you on legal considerations to consider before running a trade promotion;
  • Advising whether a permit is required and whether your promotion is a game of “skill” or a game of “chance”;
  • Drafting terms and conditions for your trade promotion;
  • Review of advertising and artwork connected to trade promotions;
  • Advising on social media compliance for trade promotions run on-line;
  • Advice in regards to the legality of ‘prizes’;
  • Advising whether you can legally use certain names and taglines to describe the trade promotion;
  • Dealing with consumer and regulator queries; and
  • Privacy and spam issues.


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