Many law firms claim to possess a unique understanding of their client's needs. We go one better – our Melbourne entertainment lawyers are musicians, songwriters, and fans with a wealth of firsthand experience in these industries.

One of the major points of difference between us and other law firms is our team’s personal connection to and understanding of the music and entertainment industries. When we say we understand the mechanics of the music industry, we really do – in addition to the fact that many of our music lawyers are musicians themselves, we have represented many of Australia’s leading bands, artists, and musicians. We are also highly experienced in representing managers, promoters, live music venues, nightclubs, indie labels and music festivals. Having been there ourselves, our music lawyers offer a unique perspective to those issues faced by our clients, be they on the creative or business side of the fence.

The entertainment lawyers Melbourne creatives trust

When it comes to finding a music lawyer, few can offer the level of expertise that Sanicki Lawyers does. On the wider entertainment front, our clients include actors, promoters, models, production companies, talent agencies, photographers, radio stations, and social media enterprises. Our entertainment lawyers Melbourne-wide are proud to have worked with clients like Havana Brown, Cat Stevens (Yusuf), The Seekers, Dannii Minogue as well as television shows like The Voice, The X Factor, Australian Idol and My Kitchen Rules. We also offer pro bono services to not-for-profit organisations such as Music Victoria, Bigsound, Multicultural Arts Victoria and many more. Our goal is simple: to help our clients achieve their dreams!

Work with a professional and experienced music lawyer

Our music and entertainment lawyers Melbourne-wide can advise on:

  • Music industry agreements including: recording and licensing agreements, publishing and distribution agreements, 360° deals, management agreements, band partnerships, touring, booking, sponsorship and merchandise agreements, venue hire agreements;
  • General entertainment law including for authors and book publishers, film and television production companies, graphic, web and app designers, and general talent contracts (including for actors, TV presenters, models, radio presenters);
  • Business arrangements, such as setting-up structures for all entertainment based businesses (including bands) whether by way of sole trader, partnership, company, trust or joint venture;
  • Copyright law including: the rights of songwriters and songwriting ‘splits’, performers and producers rights, film, internet and television licensing, sampling, editing, and copyright infringement;
  • Trade mark applications, business and band name registration;
  • Dispute resolution including: mediation and negotiation, Magistrates’ and Federal Magistrates’ Court Complaints, cease and desist notices, take-down notices.

Learn more from a Sanicki music lawyer today!

If you would like to find out more about the services our music and entertainment lawyers in Melbourne provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. One of the many things that sets us apart from other law firms is our commitment to understanding the intricacies of our client’s concerns, so we’d be happy to talk to you and offer a timely, cost-effective solution.

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