May 17, 2016 | Casey Gosper

Representing Australia in the Eurovision song contest, Dami Im gave a stellar performance, securing a well deserved second place.  Her heartfelt rendition of “Sound of Silence” on the Swedish stage clearly connected with her audience, event though she remained seated throughout most of her performance.  Perfectly poised atop a glittering black box, only to be matched by her sparkling white dress, Im delivered a commendable performance that made many Australians proud. Her belting finish was greeted with a huge cheer, but those vibrations will be felt in Australia for years to come, as this honour came only after Australia’s second annual participation in the song competition. Im, familiar to many after winning X-Factor in 2013, told Eurovision that she moved to Australia from South Korea when she was nine years old. Interestingly, she learned English by listening to the Spice Girls.