Your intellectual property is your business' most valuable asset.

Is your brand or business name registered as a trade mark? If not, why not?!

We assist our clients in identifying their intellectual property, including trade marks, copyrights, and designs, and how they may best serve to protect them. We also advise clients on how best to manage and trade-in their intellectual property, through license and leasing strategies, designed to maximise protections and financial returns.

We have expertise and can advise on:

  • General branding and brand protection including: trademark filing, registration and protection,¬†business names and corporate logos;
  • Confidentiality agreements and protection of confidential information;
  • Copyright advice, protection and licensing, including: new media and digital formats, music, art, design and literary works;
  • The rights of designers in the digital media industry, including: graphic, web and app designers;
  • Author’s rights and book publishing agreements;
  • Protection and registration of industrial designs; and
  • Dispute resolution and injunctive relief.
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