It's more than a game! At both the professional and amateur levels, we can assist all players in the sporting arena to achieve their goals.

We offer clear and cost-effective legal assistance not only athletes, but to player agents, coaches, managers, administrators, clubs, regulatory bodies, and sporting venues.

We understand the pressures of modern day sport and work with those in the sporting arena to navigate their career through smooth times and over any unexpected hurdles that may arise.

We have expertise and can advise on:

  • Professional sporting contracts, including sports event management and ticketing arrangements;
  • Merchandising and licensing agreements, intellectual property protection, endorsements and sponsorship agreements;
  • Disputes including submissions and representation at sporting tribunals or before governing bodies;
  • Marketing and broadcast compliance, corporate governance and commercial/business transactions;
  • Personal injury, public liability and negligence as it relates to sport; and
  • Performance enhancing drugs, disciplinary matters, and defamation law.
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