November 3, 2016 | Maddalena Rinaldi

A thoroughly embarrassed opera fan has apologised for scattering his friend’s ashes into the opera pit in New York.


The Met Theatre stopped the performance of Rossini’s Guillaume Tell after a group of musicians reported that a figure had been seen spreading a suspicious powder into the orchestra pit during second intermission.


Roger Kaiser, the individual responsible, has since written a formal apology to the theatre including the statement, “As a devoted opera enthusiast, the reality of the situation weighs heavily on me”. Kaiser had made a promise in 2012 to his cancer-affected friend to scatter his ashes at various opera venues, but his good intentions seemingly went astray with another, separate performance cancelled as police investigated.


Kaiser has not been charged with a crime, and the Met’s general manager Peter Gelb has responded, “”I trust that your future visits to the Met will be without incident, and that you will continue to proselytize about your love of opera to all who will listen.” However, we advise any readers with similar intentions to respect their loved one’s wishes, but also others (and private property) before a potential terrorism charge!

Written by Jonty Simmons